How Many Types Of Parrots Are There?

Looking for the parrot best suited to you. Have a look at the fantastic wonders of nature. The wide range of enigmatic and charismatic parrot’s types. Read the article, “How Many Types of Parrots Are There”, to get to know the vast range of species of parrots.

The word “Parrot” is a collection of more than 350 species. These vibrant and striking colored parrots are a great companion when kept as pets. Their eye-catching beauty and lively personalities are a complete package to remove boredom. So, let us talk about their various types.

How Many Types Of Parrots Are There?

How many types of parrots are there? There are about 350+ types of parrots in the world. The tendency to keep parrots as pets has largely enhanced throughout the world. So, let us discuss a few in this section.


The Amazons are medium-sized parrots, known as best talkers. They are adorable birds with socializing nature.

African Grey Parrots

The African Grey parrots are famous for their intellect. They are social birds usually found in the rainforests.


The Macaws are bigger parrots with great intellect and talking ability. They are highly attention seekers and may get aggressive if they do not get that.


Parakeets are the most common types of parrots that are captivated. The exotic and lovable birds with long tails. Their size ranges from small to medium. 


The Cockatiels are the second most famous pet birds. They are among the types of small parrots. They are sweet, intelligent, and personable birds. They are also easy to handle.

How Many Species Of Parrots Are In Australia?

According to a rough estimation, about 56 species of parrots are native to Australia. Let us discuss the top species of Aussie parrots.

The Australian King parrots exhibit sexual dimorphism. The males have a redhead and neck while the females are green. They exist along the Great Dividing Range and coast.

The Crimson Rosella has a high-pitched sound. They are found in the forest areas of South Australia, New South Wales, and Victoria. 

The adorable white cheek of Eastern Rosella makes them identifiable. They originate from the Eastern States including Tasmania and South Australia.

The Australian Ringneck parrot known as the Port Lincoln parrot has a beautiful yellow belly. They are found in the South, North, and West of Australia. 

Another Australian Ringneck known as Mallee Ringneck parrot is found in the desert areas of Queensland, Victoria, and NSW. Its blue or green head and orange chest make it different from other family members.

The Galahs also bear sexual dimorphism. The Galah males have dark eyes while the females bear red eyes. They exist throughout Australia and their population is increasing day and day.

The ancient Gang-gang Cockatoos are found in South-Eastern Australia. The males have a crimson head. The Waratah has received its crimson color from these males. Its pitch resembles a creaky door.

The Long-Billed Corella are widely found in South Eastern Victoria. Their embellished hooked beak is their identifiable property. 

The charismatic rainbow colors of the Rainbow Lorikeet make them attractive. They draw into constant chattering and fluttering when in groups. They are found in South Northern Wales. 

The Little Corella is found in the semi-desert regions of Australia. They can be easily identified by the blue around their eyes and the absence of red on their chest. 

What Is The Most Common Parrot?

The Parakeets are also known as Budgies are the most common types of green parrots. They are the smallest among all the parrots. They are only 8-9 inches long. 

Parakeets can have a maximum lifespan of 17 years. They are native to Australia. The basic reason for their popularity is their less space demand. 

Parakeets are noisy birds. They are smart enough to learn new tricks. You can teach your bird many tricks that keep them happy as well as healthy. They can also talk however it largely depends on your training. 

You can keep a happy parakeet even in a small space. You can keep one even if you are living in a small apartment. 

To get more information about the adorable parakeets, do visit the “Parakeets” section of this blog.

Types Of Parrots Pets 

How many different types of parrots are there? Well, as mentioned above these are 350+. Parrots as pets are fun as well as love towards birds.

  1. The Caique parrots are humorous and energetic birds. They have a big personality and full of energy. They are entertaining birds and enjoy hopping and playing on their back. The Caiques can be misbehaving, stubborn, or nippy at times. You should set clear boundaries for your bird. They love to learn tricks but are not good talkers. 
  2. The Pionus parrots are great family pets however, their grab-looks have made them less popular. They resemble small Amazons both in looks and traits. The Pionus is a quiet bird and not as aggressive as Amazons. They can talk but their vocabulary is not too wide. They have soft and grave sounds but if you closely listen to them, they can be entertaining.
  3. How many types of parrots are there? The adorable Conure parrots are clownish, active, and entertaining. You can only keep them if you are an experienced bird’s owner. The Conures can talk however they are quite loud. They have 40 different types, each with unique characteristics. They can be small as well as large with a lifespan of 20-40 years.
  4. The size of Macaws can range from large to x-large parrots. They are very intelligent birds and can easily learn tricks and talk. The Macaws are not good for first-time bird owners. You should initially set boundaries for them. They are attention-seekers and can get dominantly aggressive if they do not get so. You can also get a bite from them, which can lead you to the emergency room.  
  5. The African Grey parrots are the most popular pet parrots. They are the most intelligent and extremely talkative birds. The African Greys are good companions and can learn a large vocabulary. They can even learn to speak in different voices. They can be a one-person bird, so it is important to socialize them regularly.
  6. The Parrotlets offer a combo of a parrot’s personality with a lovebird’s size. They are the smallest parrots and best for first-time owners. The Parrotlets have an Amazon’s similar personality. I repeat just similar. They are fearless, aggressive, and one-person dependent if not socialize regularly.
  7. The Electus parrots are more unusual among the parrot’s family. They are active and intelligent birds. They are sexually dimorphic and initially thought be to be two different species. The males are bright green with a yellow-orange beak while the females are purple and red with a black beak. 
  8. The Hawk Headed parrots are unique birds similar to Caiques. They can raise their feathers on the nape of their neck and head to look bigger and terrifying. The Hawk Heads are curious, loyal, affectionate, playful, entertaining, and humorous birds. At times, they can be moody, shy, and even bitter. They need an experienced owner.
  9. The Amazons are playful, lovely, and entertaining birds. They have excellent talking and singing capabilities. Some of them can be family pets while others are one-person dependent. They may get aggressive and loud in an instant. Their unpredictable behavior makes them best suited to more experienced owners. 
  10. The Sun Corn Parrots are one of the types of parrots in India. They have vibrant, striking colors in the wild. They can be orange, yellow, and green. The Sun Corn parrots are native to Northeastern South America. They are also known as “Sun Parakeets” or “Sconure”. They are noisy birds and are usually found in flocks.  
  11. The Moluccan Cockatoo is an adorable peach. They are shy birds and are usually found in groups. Indonesia is their native place, however, also found in other regions. 
  12. The Alexandrine Parakeets are the most common parrots found in the Indian Subcontinent and Nepal. They have red and green colors beautifully patterned on them.
  13. The Rose Ringed Parakeets have a striking bright green color. They are commonly found in Africa and India. They are amazingly talkative and social birds.
  14. The Lories or Lorikeets are special birds, different from the parrot’s family. The Lories have shorter tails while the Lorikeets have longer ones. The Lorikeets have about 55 species while the most famous is the Rainbow Lorikeet. They feed on pollens and nectars instead of seeds. 


The article, “How Many Types of Parrots Are There?” is all about the vast variety of parrots found in the world. 

If you want to be a bird’s owner in the future, then better to start with small parrot-like parrotlet. You should go for larger parrots when you have enough parrot handling experience. 

Hope this article has helped you to go through the immense types of parrots. If you have a pet parrot other than mentioned above, then do share your experience in the comment section. 

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