What Parrot Is Right For Me?

What Parrot Is Right For Me?

Do you want to prevent yourself and your bird from a bad experience? You have already gone through a wrong choice of bird? If the answer to both questions is in positivity, then luckily you are on the right blog. Just carefully read out the article, “What Parrot Is Right for Me?” Hope your puzzle will be resolved. So, let us begin.

Birds, especially parrots, have been kept as pets for a long time. However, it is very important to choose the right parrot, from the collection of about 350 species. The first thing you should consider is your living style, taste, temperament, resources, liking, and disliking. So, let us start to grab out or prevent you from disorientation. 

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What Parrot Is Right For Me?

What pet is right for me? Well, several scenarios will help potential owners in the selection of the right bird. Surely you are here, for my right bird quiz. So, let us start.

If you do not like messy birds, then you should surely go for budgies, finches, canaries, or love birds. 

Many parrots have loud and screaming manners. If you do not such noisy parrots, then you should never buy cockatoos and conures.

Some parrots can give a bad bite. If you are afraid of their bite, then you should know how large your bird will be at maximum. 

As babies, all the parrots have lesser beak strength and are very sweet. However, when they grow mature, their behavior becomes unpredictable.

The aggressive parrots can give a bad wound with their stronger beak. If you have bite concerns, then you should buy cockatiels. They are smaller in size and can cause lesser harm.

You should have a larger cage for your parrot, as compared to his size. You must have spare space for your parrot’s time out. So, you should always choose a parrot, according to your available space. 

Some people want to buy captured wild birds, as they are less expensive. However, according to The Wild Conservation Act of 1992, the import of certain species has been banned. Their illegal trade has made them endangered or extinct.

Another risk in buying wild parrots is that they can be dangerous pets. They can not be tamed easily. The riskiest fact is that they may carry more diseases than domestically raised pets.

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How Do I Choose A Parrot For My Pet?

What parrot is right for me, is the most frequently asked question. But first, you should observe yourself, your resources, your eagerness, and your enthusiasm for a pet.

Some pet lovers have other pets in their houses. So, they got afraid that whether buying a new parrot will be suitable or not? What will be the behavior of the new parrot with the existing pets and young children? 

Well, this is not an issue to think about deeply. Adult close supervision will help to develop harmony among all the pets. You should make a proper separate place for the newcomer.

If you have a large bird such as a macaw, then you should keep him separately. This will help to protect young children and other pets from him if provoked inadvertently. 

What bird is right for me? Some people want a good companion in their illness. In such moments of distress, a parrot will be the best bird. But to choose what parrot is right for me, you should talk to your physician as well as an avian vet, to make the right decision.

A newborn unweaned parrot is just like human infants, they need hand feeding and a lot of care. Some pet lovers think that newborn parrots will make a good bond. 

However, if you do not have the experience to handle such a young parrot, it might be cruel. You can also bond with a weaned parrot if you keep them with care and affection.

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How To Choose The Best Pet Bird For You?

To choose the best bird for you, hope you have gone through the above-mentioned tips. Flowing towards the last tip, as I know your concentration might be getting off. 

If you have found a bird for sale at a loss, then you should know his medical and behavioral history. It is a ritual, to sell your bird cheaply if he is facing any medical or behavioral issue.

Before buying a pre-owned bird, you must know its owner, to become aware of his pre-existing problems, if any. It is better to go for a vet examination before buying a bird.

Before buying a parrot or any other bird, always get a written contract. It should include the age, breed, medical history, and place of birth. 

You should have enough time to go for a veterinary examination. The contract should also include the return policy if the bird is found unhealthy.

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What Is The Friendliest Bird For A Pet?

How to choose the right bird? Among all the birds especially parrots that are known to me, the African Grey parrots are the best pet parrot. They are the friendliest and most affectionate.

The African grey parrots are intelligent, large, and sociable parrots. They are generally friendly and affectionate to humans. 

The African Grey parrots demand greater attention, mental stimulation, and regular socialization. They are strongly bonded to their owners and have a longer lifespan of about 75 years. So, can be a lifetime commitment pet for you.

Then comes the amazing friendship of Quaker parrots. They are active birds, and they love to socialize. 

Quakers usually get attached to one person in comparison to others. They love to talk to their owner loudly. 

If they got upset or displeased, they become too noisy and disruptive. They may also pluck their feathers to show protest. 

They are territorial and fearless. So, they do not like to mix with other household pets. However, they love scratches and cuddles by other humans, especially their owners.

The Cockatiels are the best pets due to their friendly and extroverted personality. Their playful nature makes them lovable birds. They love to mingle with humans. 

The Cockatiels express their happiness by hanging upside-down, bobbing around, and wagging their tails. Cockatiels express contentment by grinding their beaks. 

The parrotlet is sometimes also called “Pocket Parrot”, as they are the smallest parrot’s type.  They can be affectionate if trained properly. 

However, improper handling can make them unruly. They do not like to be with other pets and can be aggressive to them. So, the owners usually keep only one at a time. 

What conure is best for me? The conures are also one of the friendliest birds. They are playful and cuddly and have a brave personality. 

The conures are intelligent and smart. They require regular mental stimulation and interaction. They are only compatible with well-experienced owners.

The conures are very active and noisy. They require plenty of exercises to stretch out their wings and fly. 

The conures love to be among or on humans. They always amuse people with their playfulness and intrusive personalities. But they are too noisy, to disturb their neighbors.

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Which Parrots Talk Like Humans?

The African Grey parrots are the most intelligent parrots and best at talking. You should be very careful about what you say, in their surroundings. 

About a year-old African Grey parrot can develop strong talking abilities as well as human mimicking capabilities.

The Quaker parrots also fall in the category of talking parrots. They are very intelligent birds. They can instantly mimic the words; even what you have just uttered. 

So, you should never use the words you do not want to hear from them when you are surrounding their cage. 

Some of the parrotlet individuals can learn talking and human mimicking, but the trait is not common among the species. 

Many species of Amazon parrots are also best talkers. These include the yellow-headed amazon, yellow-naped amazon, yellow-crowned amazon, white-fronted amazon, blue-fronted amazon, Panama Amazon, orange-winged amazon, lilac-crowned amazon, and mealy-amazon.

They out-perform grey parrots in many social environments. However, there is no assurance of the bird’s talking. Often those birds speak, who are mostly spoken to. 

The Electus parrots are also the best talkers, however, the talking depends on your early training. The Abyssinian lovebirds are also good talkers, but again all depends on initial training.

Parakeet is also a popular talking-bird species. The monk parakeet is also a skillful talking parrot. The Australian king parrot and the blossom-headed parrots can be good talkers if raised properly.

The Derbyan parakeet and the rose-ringed parakeet are also excellent talkers. However, the former cannot develop large vocabularies as compared to the latter one. 

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So, concluding my article, “What Parrot Is Right For Me? I would only say that you should go through a complete analysis, before buying any parrot for the first time. It will be a great help for both of you, to avoid any bad experience. 

You should first calculate your requirements and all the prerequisites before you own a parrot. A balanced diet, regular vet checkup, love, and care are among the basic rights of a parrot. You should not own one if you cannot provide him with these basic needs. 

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