The Amazon Parrot Can Live About How Long

The Amazon Parrot Can Live About How Long?

Are you in search of a life-long committed parrot? Do you want to discover the lifespan of amazon parrots? If you have just nodded, then fortunately you have gone through a right-click. Read the article “The Amazon Parrot Can Live About How Long?”. So, let us start our article.

Amazon parrots are medium-sized parrots with strong beaks. They are the most common parrot species that are kept captivated. Amazon parrots are found in Central America, South America, and neighboring Islands of the West Indies.  They can be life-long commitment pets. 

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The Amazon Parrot Can Live About How Long?

The amazon parrots can live for an average of 50 years or more. However, different species of amazon parrots have different lifespans regarding their biological makeup.

The yellow-headed and blue-colored amazons will have an average lifespan of about 25-50 years.

A SeaWorld website narrates that a Blue-fronted amazon has lived a longer lifespan up to 80 years. 

However, UK’s Wingham Wildlife Park’s website says that a blue-fronted Amazon parrot lifespan is about 27 years.

Several factors can affect the lifespan of amazon parrots. Health problems like avian poxvirus, cytokosis, and greater weight gain can be life-taking for your parrot.

The amazons or even other pets need the regular attention of avian vets. Birds especially the wild ones are very good at hiding their weakness, to prevent predator’s attacks.

You should regularly visit his vet, even if he seemed to be healthy. Vets can get an indication of any health issue, even your parrot is hiding it. 

Some prominent symptoms of amazon’s illness include eye redness, loose anus, nasal discharge, cough, swollen bills, fever, and loss of appetite. 

The lifespan of your amazon can increase by providing the best care. Diet is the most important part of good care, but it is not usually taken as seriously as it should be.

The amazons should be given a less-fat diet to prevent obesity, thereby leading a longer life. A balanced diet is a major aspect to contribute towards his healthier and longer life. So, always choose wisely.

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Do Parrots Live For 100 Years?

Yes, parrots can live for a hundred or nearly a hundred years. Scrolling through the lifespan of birds list Cookie is one of the oldest parrots.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records in 2014, Cookie became the world’s oldest parrot. 

Cookie is a more beloved and adorable parrot in Chicagoland’s Zoo. He was known for his beautiful interaction with the zoo’s handlers. 

The beautiful orange and pink fur and stunning personality of Cookie have blessed him with an impressive number of fans.

Poncho is another Green-winged macaw parrot with a striking age of 92 years. Most of the breeds of Poncho lived for 50-60 years or even 80 years.

She was the only one from her breed, with such a remarkable score. She has been recognized as the World’s Oldest Parrot according to the Guinness Book of World Records. 

She was owned by Birds and Animals Unlimited. However, as narrated by her new owners, she has stopped flying about ten years ago. But she is still enjoying the best health as compared to other breeds of her age. 

How can we forget Charlie! The only blue and gold macaw parrot with a tremendous age of 114 years. Yes, you have correctly read 114 years.

She has got fame, after her affiliation with Winston Churchill, the Prime minister of England during World War II.

However, it’s a controversy, that hasn’t been resolved yet. Well, it should be noted that there are no proper records about the date of birth of Charlie.

Her negative fame has enforced researchers to track out her life’s history. They have estimated her age to be 114. However, it is only an estimation. 

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How smart are Amazon parrots?

Green is the protruding color in amazon parrots. While blue, yellow, white, orange, and red are beautifully adorned on their feathers, tail, and head.

The immature amazon parrots are usually less colorful than the mature ones. Now, coming to their smartness. Amazon parrots are intelligent and smart parrots. 

Only experienced bird owners can handle them. As these parrots are social and always in need of an interactive environment.

The amazons can become domineering and aggressive, if not trained properly. They can be good companions to patient owners, who have spare time for relationship work.

The amazon parrots are attention-seekers. They can get jealous of the other pets and small children in the house. 

The amazons can become aggressive in response, especially when interacting with pets that are smaller than themselves.

Amazon parrots are very fond of chewing. You may get a bite if you leave them unattended. So, do not ever ignore them.

The amazons are adaptable parrots. They easily acclimate to new situations. When brought to the home they adapt you and their new cage in a shorter period.

The smartness and intellect of amazons can be easily understood by just observing their mimicking capabilities. 

The amazons can speak human words when trained properly. You can also teach them various interesting tricks, as they are also playful parrots. 

Do not forget to teach them those tricks, that will also be a good exercise for them. Such tricks will keep them healthy and can prevent them from obesity.

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Which Amazon parrot is the best talker?

The Blue-headed amazon, Yellow-naped amazon, and Double-yellow headed amazon are the best talkers. 

Amazon parrots are the most famous for their mimicking abilities. Even some of them can mimic the songs, whistles, and verses.

The amazons can also mimic the sounds of coughing, sneezing, and those produced by electronic devices, like microwave ovens and telephone beeps. Isn’t it interesting!

Some species of amazons are liable to produce loud squawking especially in the early morning and late afternoon. 

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Do Parrots Live For 140 Years?

140 years! It is a very big score for parrots. However, there are parrots like the “Charlie” who has lived more than a hundred years. 

I think it is better to say that parrot lifespan of 140 years can only be their maximum age. I have not heard of any parrot with such a gigantic age. 

If you have heard or experienced personally then do share in the comment section.

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How long does a parrot live?

Parrots can have a lifespan ranging from five to a hundred years. The African Grey parrots can live for 40-60 years or even longer.

The stocky caiques parrots have an average lifespan of 50 years. The parakeets can live for 18 years. However, their expected life is only 5 years.

The small songbirds i.e., canaries can enjoy a lifespan of only 10 years. The miniature cockatoos or cockatiels can live for 5-18 years in captivity.

The name ‘cockatoos’ presenting a collection of 21 species that can live for 20-60 years, depending on the biological make-up of the species.

The lifespan of domesticated doves can be 20 or more years. While in the wild they can only live for a year and a half.

The Electus parrots with extreme sexual dimorphism, can live for 30-50 years or even longer. The Finches can live for only 5-9 years in the wild. However, they can enjoy a longer lifespan in captivity.

The Jardine’s parrots can live for 60 years in the wild. However, the lifespan can reduce to 30 years in captivity.

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How Long Do Amazon Parrots Live In Captivity?

Amazon parrots can live for 30-60 years in captivity. The blue-fronted amazons in captivity can have an average life of 35 years. However, there is no recorded declaration of the lifespan of other species.

The common species of amazons that are usually kept as pets include Yellow-headed amazon, Yellow-naped amazon, Orange-winged amazon, green-cheeked amazon, and blue-fronted amazon. 

The domesticated amazons are less vulnerable, to be the meal of their predators. They are safe and protected. This can contribute to their longer lifespan in captivity.

The cage should have enough space so that they can spread their wings. The bars of the cage should be narrow, to prevent them from any injury.

You should keep the cage of your amazon clean to prevent bacterial and viral infections. Good hygienic conditions will be another great step towards longevity.

Genetics also largely contributes to the lifespan of your bird. So, always buy an amazon from the best breeder, who has proper information about amazon’s parents and their health history.

In captivity, lack of exercise can make them obese. Obesity may induce fatty liver diseases. However, a balanced diet, regular exercise, and time-out of the cage can prevent such problems. 

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Terminating my article, “The Amazon Parrot Can Live About How Long?” I would only say that amazons are one of the most common breeds that are loved to be kept as pets. You can have a life-long partner. 

Before buying one you should go through a complete guide about their training. A wrong training by an inexperienced or untrained owner can lead to an aggressive bird. So, you should be very careful about their training. 

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