How Much Do Parrots Cost?

How Much Do Parrots Cost?

Are you in search of parrot prices? Or Are you already a pet’s owner? Or Do you want to be a pet breeds owner in the future?  Well, before going to buy a parrot you must search the pet parrot price. For this read the article, “How Much Do Parrots Cost?”. So, let us begin. 

Parrots are the most famous pet birds. Their brilliant personalities and companionship have aroused a great trend to keep them as pets. 

How Much Do Parrots Cost?

How much do parrots cost? Parrots are kept as a pet for their eye-catching beauty and appearance. Moreover, they are attractive birds because of their wide variety. They have a vast variety in the color of their plumes.

Furthermore, the talking parrot is adopted to be a family member because of his talkative nature. They are easy to go birds. They need less money to take care of as compared to other pet animals.

Regarding care, parrots are not at the last edge. They need a lot more care and attention than other pets. The owners do not realize this fact when they decide to keep it as a pet.

When the owners do not provide them the special care they need, it ends up in homeless parrots or rehomed ones. There are about 370 known species of parrots and many are being discovered.

The parrot price depends not only on the place you purchase but also size and species have a major effect on pet parrot prices. The prices of different kinds of parrots range from 5$ to 3500$. Their accessories will also give you a good cost to ponder on.

How Much Do African Grey Parrots Cost?

African Greys have a dust-looking appearance with a red tail. They have stunning orange eyes and scalloped pattern plumage. 

The African Grey parrots have marvelous talking abilities. They can instantly mimic words or even phrases narrated before them once or twice. These abilities have listed them among the most popular captivated parrots. 

These parrot breeds have extreme intelligence. Their intelligence has made them reputable among the most enthusiastic parrots. 

African Greys are complex parrots. They are only suitable for experienced owners. They are highly sensitive birds with demanding behavior. 

Despite their charming personalities, they are birds of habit. Little change in their routine can make them behaviorally disturbed. 

African Greys love to socialize but they do not like cuddling.  However, African Grey is “one person bird”. They may get aggressive if ignored by their owners. 

How much do parrots cost? The parrot price ranges from $1000 to $1500. This pet parrot price is too high as acquiring as African Grey demands a lot of time as well as money for the breeder.

How Much Do Quaker Parrots Cost?

Quacker parrots are small and bright green parrots. They have a greyish breast. Domestic parrot breeds with varied colors have been produced other than their natural plumage.

Being a responsible owner, you should ponder on the price of the species of parrot you want to buy. The parrot price depends on the breeder’s popularity and on how the parrot was kept as a pet.

Moreover, most people want to adopt Quaker parrots because of their social behavior and confident nature.

Quaker parrot pricing ranges from $250 to $550 excluding all the costs spent on their food, cage, and toys, etc. As far as parrot price is concerned, Quaker parrot pricing is less than African Grey parrots. 

How Much Do Talking Parrots Cost?

The only way to assure that you are buying a talking parrot is to buy the one who can talk. The parrot price can go from $20 i.e., for a baby budgie to $5000 for a mature macaw. 

However, buying an adult parrot is not a good decision. He may have behavioral issues and a lesser ability to adapt to his environment.

The Timneh Greys, African Greys, and Yellow Naped Amazons are the best talking parrots. Amazons and African Greys have the largest vocabulary of human words. 

Alexandrines, Quakers, Eclectus, Cockatiels, and Jardine’s parrots are the best medium-sized parrots. However, their talking abilities largely depend on your training.

Some parrot breeds can speak any language they are related to. They can’t understand what they are saying. They only mimic what they hear in their surroundings. 

How Much Do Parrots Cost At Petco?

Petco Animal Supplies is a privately handled pet retailer. They sell fishes, reptiles, small birds, pigs, and mice, etc. For convenience, we can call Petco parrot and bird emporium. 

Petco sells only 3 breeds of Parakeets. Parakeets at Petco are cheaper than any private breeder. Furthermore, Parakeets parrot price is 21.99$ in Petco.

How much do parrots cost? Quaker parrot pricing is $349.99 and that of Lacto Thermo Perch is $46.07. It’s the foggiest notion that parrots purchased from Petco are mostly sick or sick to be. Fresh owners usually prefer a bird rescue center instead of Petco.

How Much Do Amazon Parrots Cost?

Amazon parrots have gregarious personalities. They are playful, high-spirited, and confident birds. They are large-medium-sized parrots with lovable personalities. Amazons are hard birds and only suited to expert bird owners. 

They are excellent at expressing their feelings through their body language. Male Amazon parrots are more aggressive than female ones, especially Yellow Naped Amazons and Double Yellow Headed Amazons. 

Moreover, the Amazon parrot is called a talking parrot. They are fond of music and can imitate sounds. They can learn phrases but are noisy sometimes. 

Amazon parrots tend to become overweight because they always keep on begging for food. This Double Yellow Headed Amazon parrot price is from $1500 to $3000 and Yellow Naped Amazon price is from $1200 to $2500.

How Much Do Macaw Parrots Cost?

Macaws are shiny birds with a long beak. They are typically large and mini-sized which is the key characteristic that distinguishes them from other parrots. There are almost 18 different species of Macaws in the world.

Macaws are found in different regions of America. After 2000, they are found rarely in the world. Some species of Macaws also exist in the wild.

The Macaw large-sized parrot price ranges from $12000 to $35000. It costs $750 to $1000 for mini-sized Macaws. There are several other expenses that you must bear while having a macaw parrot as a pet.

How Much Do Rosella Parrots Cost?

Rosella Parrot is mostly considered in the pet category because well-tamed Rosella can provide you with friendly company.

Rosella parrots are found in Australia and its island and they got fame because of their attractive colors and their diet. 

How much do parrots cost? Rosella parrot price ranges from $300 to $600 depending on the choice of the buyer and requirements. It is very different in colors, physical appearance, and some other characteristics due to which changes in their cost occurs.

How Much Do Eclectus Parrots Cost?

Eclectus parrots have elegant color mixtures of green-colored body and corned color beak for male and red-colored body with black beak and violet-colored belly of females.

 Talking parrot is the most amazing companion if you give them proper training. They are the only category which has different colors for males and females.

Eclectus pet parrot price is from $600 to $2000 depending on the gender of this parrot. The pair of these parrot breeds are rare in the world.

Where To Buy A Parrot?

Always buy a parrot from some reputable supplier or breeder. A healthy-looking parrot might be suffering from some sort of disease.

There are many reputable physical stores as well as online stores. You should research the best breeders before buying one. 

It is best to buy from the one whom you trust. How much do parrots cost? You can consult someone who is already a pet parrot owner about the parrot price and the best store. Maybe he/she will drive you to the best and truthful breeder.

Do not get impressed by the beauty of the parrot breeds. Always ask for his source because he might be doing some illegal trade. 

It will be best to take the bird for a medical check-up before buying. It is not recommended to buy a diseased bird. He can also cause infection to your existing pet birds.


Concluding my article, “How Much Do Parrots Cost?”. I would only say that before buying a bird you should keenly check your budget. 

Despite the sale price of your bird, you should have a large budget for his balanced diet, toys, cage maintenance, regular vet check-up, and for some unseen expenses.

So, I would recommend you always buy a parrot that truly matches your budget. Do add some other pieces of advice in the comment section.


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