Lifespan Of African Grey Parrots

Lifespan Of African Grey Parrots

Do you want to keep a lifelong companion pet? I can understand your love and need for a pet. Read the article, “Lifespan of African Grey Parrot” and you are halfway there. So let’s start our article enriched with parrot information

After reading the article your queries will be resolved; Where to buy African Grey parrot baby? What is the African Grey parrot life expectancy? Do parrots understand what they say? How to know if your African Grey is happy? 

African Greys are one of the smartest parrots. They are medium-sized adorable birds. Their intelligence and mimicking ability have made them the most popular parrot as a pet

Lifespan Of African Grey Parrots 

The lifespan of African Grey parrots ranges from 40-60 years. Grey parrot life period slightly varies for all subspecies including the most common Congo African Grey to the least common African Grey Timneh. 

The African Grey parrot lifespan longevity depends on various parameters like species, health, genetics, food, and hygiene. 

All the parrots of the world have a higher body temperature, metabolic rate, and higher resting glucose level. It is supposed that the aging parameters have increased thereby reducing the lifespan. 

The longer African Grey parrot life expectancy suggests that they along with other birds have evolved special mechanisms. Flying is also a remarkable trait of African Greys. Parrot breeds can have a longer lifespan as compared to their size due to escaping capability from predation. 

Recent analysis has also suggested that birds like African Grey lifespan are longer due to routinely exertional exercises in the wild. Grey parrot searches for food all day long which is a great source of exercise thereby gifting a longer life period. 

African Grey Parrot Life Expectancy

The parrot life expectancy depends on the actual care given to him by his owner. Care and love by the owner are directly proportional to the lifespan of African Grey parrots. 

African Grey parrot is a majestic bird. They are intelligent, can learn words and phrases easily. The African Grey lifespan is of 60 years, and sometimes up to 80 years.

In case of death of their owner because of the too much longer lifespan of a parrot. Throughout their lifespan, they have to go through traumatic situations

He is the smartest parrot because he has intelligence equal to a toddler. They can respond to questions asked about color and shape. This parrot as a pet regurgitates food to feed others.

African Grey parrots are fussy feeders. They should be given a proper diet consisting of all nutrients to fulfill their requirements. 

Foraging and playing should be encouraged to increase their activity as well as the lifespan of a parrot. Congo African Grey parrot lives a lifespan of 30-40 years. 

How Long Do Parrots Live?

Parrot lifespan is a question that matters the most for owners. There are 350+ species of parrots of the world. Parrot breeds are widespread in the whole world.

They have varieties in lifespan and sizes. Parrots can outlive their owner’s life. Parrot lifespan is more in captivity than in the wild because they are saved from predators and unfavorable conditions.

Amazon parrots have a lifespan of 25-75 years. Budgerigar’s lifespan is of 5-18 years. Cockatiels 10-15 years, Conures 10-50 years, Dove’s lifespan is recorded to be 20 years.

The important factors are nutritional diet, mental health, and physical health. They should be exposed to sunlight to process their food properly. 

African Grey parrot produces a lot of powder. They should be given a bath after regular intervals thereby increasing the lifespan of African Grey parrot.

Secondly, the breeder also matters from which the owner purchases the parrot. Parrot information about health should be taken from the breeder.

Cookie, the Cockatoo with a lifespan of 83 years is recorded to be the longest lifespan of a parrot in the Guinness book of record.

Average Lifespan Of A Parrot

The average lifespan of a parrot depends on the species as well as their biological makeup. In general larger parrot breeds have a longer lifespan than their cousins. Let us discuss some parrot information regarding their lifespans. 

The Parakeets can have a lifespan of 5 years however such parrot breeds can exceptionally live up to 18 years. The Electus parrot life expectancy is 30-50 years. 

The Pionus parrot life expectancy is about 25 years, and they are attention seekers. The Quackers parrot lifespan on average is 30 years in captivity. However, it can increase if they are kept properly. 

Pigeons are one of the most common members of parrot families. They can have a life period of only 5-10 years while the rest of their life is a bonus. 

The lifespan of a parrot can be longer in captivity due to less exposure to predation and lesser vulnerability to diseases. Parrot as a pet can have a balanced diet with the combination of a loving and caring owner. 

Where To Buy African Grey Parrot Baby?

Where to buy an African Grey parrot baby? African grey parrot baby price is from $500- $4000. This price may vary depending upon the age of the parrot. African grey parrot price is from $1500-$3500.

You should buy him from a bird breeder with a good reputation. The breeder should be from a well-reputed association and organization.

Check on Google to search for reviews on a breeder. Each country has its own rules so you should follow them while purchasing them. African Grey parrots are endangered species.  

A baby is featherless and still on hand feeding so its price would be less than an adult one. This baby needs special care and attention to survive. 

The older African Grey parrot has less cost than the younger ones. Price will be less in West Africa and more in America. 

If the Grey parrot price is much low, then be aware that the breeder may have caught the bird from the bird mill or from the wild which is illegal. The parrot may have some disease. So, visit your vet before making a deal. Must ask about the history of the parrot. To ensure his legality.

Do Parrots Understand What They Say?

Do Parrots Understand What They Say? Most of the parrot breeds do not understand what they are saying. They only mimic their owner’s voice or the sounds in their surroundings. 

However, some of the professionally trained can understand what they are saying. The smartest parrot is known as Alex, an African Grey parrot, was trained to use and understand human language. 

Talking parrots among the parrot families can understand the context or they can relate words to some activities. A researcher has found out that when a parrot says, “How are you?” when you enter a room. 

Your parrot does not understand the meaning, but he is imitating you. As you have used such words several times while entering the room. Your parrot has made an association between the phrase and your activity. 

Your Grey parrot or any other parrot as a pet might have seen you rushing towards the microwave after the “beep”. He might have considered “beep” a way to get attention. It’s all about the understanding as well as training of all parrots of the world.

How Much Does An African Grey Parrot Cost?

African grey parrots are the most socially active parrot breed. They are found in the forest and Island of Africa.  They are considered to be the best parrot for pets because of their sensible and friendly nature.

There are two species of African grey parrots that are differentiated in colors. They are considered the eldest species in the parrots of the world. They are the only intelligent parrot breeds.

African Grey food usually contains wild herbs, nuts, and palm tree leaves. They fly in the form of groups. African Grey parrots life expectancy is very long and can extend to 40- 65 years. Rarely is between 65- 80 years.

Grey parrot price ranges from $1000 – $1500 which is reasonable as compared to the companionship provided by the smartest parrot. They have been highly demanded by parrot lovers.

How To Know If Your African Grey Is Happy?

Grey parrots are socially very relaxing. But their behavioral changes are difficult to be understood by a person with less parrot information.

Mostly, the African grey parrots hang upside down to show their happiness and love with their owner.

Wing flapping is also a sign that they are very relaxed. It symbolizes that they want to seek your attention for sharing their happiness with you.

Chest quivering is the sign that your grey parrot is very happy. He tries to engage his owner involving him in his (parrot) activity.

When your parrot is taking a bath in a happy mood, he will love to sit in the basin in a relaxed mood. Otherwise, he will feel uncomfortable even in the presence of desired conditions.

Parrot information tells us that most of the parrots become socially very interactive when they become happy.

African Grey Parrots Sale Florida

The African grey parrots are rare in the World. Due to their intelligence, they have been imported illegally to different countries.

Trade is illegal because wild animals are not allowed to be imported or exported under the law of the Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species (CITES).

The traders want to get permission to import the smartest parrot. They are considered to be one of the best parrots for pets in the world.

The government had refused the application of the import of 4000 grey parrots due to the risk of the population from wildlife. They considered that the traders are compromising on the security of people.

International Law only allows countries to lauder it only for the breeding purpose. Their number is decreasing in the past few years. Florida is deficient in facilities to breed the grey parrot in the US.


African Grey is the most famous and adorable talking parrot. You can have a lifelong committed companion by keeping African Grey parrot as a pet

However, your negligence or ignorance can have a drastic effect on the life of your loving pet. So, just scroll again and again and consult various breeders or vets to get proper knowledge about the care, hygiene, and diet of your bird. 

Hope my article, “Lifespan of African Grey Parrot” will be a good source of knowledge for you people. Do share your experience and advice in the comment section. 


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