What do you need to take care of a parakeet

What do you need to take care of a parakeet

A pet parent should always know how to take care of the little creature. Owning a parakeet is all fun until you realize that you have to take care of it as well. “what do you need to take care of a parakeet”?

A parakeet is the basic pet everyone loves to have but fewer people actually know how to take care of it. Let’s dive right into this article and find out what we need to take care of a parakeet!   

In this blog, you will come across all the stuff related to a parakeet diet and the parakeet checklist. Keep on reading till the last as it has the best tips for you about what you need to take care of a parakeet. 

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What do you need to take care of a parakeet?

A parakeet is a sensitive bird with a very slightly strong immune system. Being a living animal needs time and care. It might die if it is not being properly looked after. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to take care of a parakeet, just go through the following advice and follow them practically.

  • The most important factor is to take care of your parakeet diet. Nutrition is the basis of a pet bird’s survival. A parakeet cage should always have clean water and some food available.
  • Maintaining a healthy environment is important. Cleaning the parakeet cage once in three days is appropriate. A suitable environment influences the health of the bird.
  • Whenever you hold a parakeet, make sure you handle it gently because its bones are hollow and your act might hurt them.
  • Make sure you never always confine your bird in the cage and whenever you uncage him, do it in the open space. This would decrease the chances of any injury.
  • Never ever ignore your parakeet. Bad behavior with a pet would affect his health badly. Good interaction with your pet on daily basis would be a wholesome treat for both of you.
  • Make a parakeet checklist and also try to make up a care sheet for your little pet.

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What do parakeets eat?

What fruits and vegetable parakeets can eat?

Parakeet diet should be balanced (having all the nutrients). A budgie usually prefers a simple diet that mainly consists of seeds. Sunflower seeds are their personal favorite. These seeds provide a good amount of nutrition to the pet.

A parakeet also loves vegetables and fruits. Green leafy veggies are their personal favorite including the green chilies. Fruits include guava, mango, pears, apple, kiwi and melon. A budgie would love to have them when it is the hungriest.

A parakeet diet must contain clean water that should be changed on daily basis and refilled after every 6 to 7 hours.

A parakeet diet should never include apple seeds, chocolates, dairy products and raw beans as these items are poisonous for him. Avoiding such food materials is better because it disturbs the body metabolism.

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How to train a parakeet?

Budgies are fast learners, they never let your effort of teaching go in vain. They would repeat after you for even 100 times to learn what you want them to speak. Training a parakeet is always easy.

All you have to do is just keep on repeating the same sentences on daily basis in a way that you are talking to your pet. Continue your efforts until your bird does not speak what you have taught it.

The process might require a few weeks and can also be extended up to few months. The time period varies from one parakeet to another. There is a fact that a female parakeet learns to speak very slowly as compared to males and some females never learn to speak.

Never give up and keep on working hard with your pet someday he would learn to speak for sure.

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What do parakeets need?

Every animal has its own basic requirements. Parakeets are small birds needing simple and basic care. Following are the necessary requirements of parakeets:

  • A living creature always requires nutrition. Parakeet diet must be a blend of seeds, fruits, veggies, and some nuts. Water must be present in the cage 24/7.
  • They need a capacious cage where they could easily live even with their feathers all stretched. This cage must be tidy and comfortable for the pet.
  • There must be some toys available inside the cage. When nobody is present to accompany him the bird can enjoy his own company.
  • In order to avoid loneliness, there should be a mirror so that the parakeet never feels alone in captivity.
  • Parakeets are little chatterboxes who love to socialize. They need affection from their masters by interaction with them.

 How to tame a parakeet?

Taming a parakeet is quite a long process that requires consistent efforts with patience. This time taking process has some steps that need to be followed very carefully. Never stop the training in between as it would erase all of your efforts from your budgies mind. Following are the steps one needs to follow:

  1. Initiate the process by making your parakeet comfortable with the environment and space.
  2. Keep on talking to your pet daily, sing with it and make it super comfortable with you.
  3. Start placing your hands on the outer surface of the parakeet cage. Start slow physical interaction with your pet gently.
  4. After some time insert your hand inside the parakeet cage and talk in the same, usual way. Make him used to of these acts daily.
  5. Stretch your index finger and try to tame the parakeet in a gentle way. Repeat the process, once the bird is comfortable he would be easily tamed.

This whole procedure can extend up to several months. So, never be demotivated and sad if your pet is not doing well, one day your efforts will get the result. Just wait for the time and keep on working. Enjoy this experience, you surely won’t regret.

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Can you keep a single parakeet?

Parakeets, being socially very active can easily live alone under some conditions. These conditions include the fact that they are never ignored by their master. A happy parakeet is always satisfied with his master’s behavior.

For keeping a single parakeet it is mandatory for you to increase your interaction with the little creature. Ignorance might result in the death of the pet under extreme conditions.

If you have a busy schedule that does not let you spend time with your pet then it is better for you to get a pair of parakeets rather than a single bird. In this way, both of them can enjoy one another’s company.


These little creatures deserve all the love from their masters. Getting a parakeet is a great decision but taking care of it is very tough sometimes. A master should always take care of a parakeet diet, cleanliness of parakeet cage and other stuff. A parakeet checklist is very helpful in this case.

Parakeets are also living creatures like humans, they also need care. Taking care is not a tough task if you are dedicated to doing it. Unconditional love never stops you from doing that. I hope all your confusion about the question “what do you need to take care of a parakeet” is solved now.

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