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Blue And Gold Macaw Wingspan

Are you in a quest for information related to Blue and Gold Macaws? Do you ever wonder what is the “Blue and Gold Macaws Wingspan” and its size? Then you’re at the right place. In this article, you’ll find intriguing facts about blue and gold macaws’ size, their life expectancy, and a lot more. 

The Blue-and-Gold Macaws, scientifically known as “Ara Ararauna”, are magnificent large parrots with beautiful strong wings, long vibrant tails, and eye-catching looks. They are mostly found in the rainforests of tropical South America and Central America. 

These exotic birds are extremely popular pets nowadays. However, you should be well aware of the size and basic requirements of your beautiful feathered companions who will last a lifetime with you. 

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Blue and gold macaw wingspan

What is the wingspan of blue and gold macaws? This is one of the frequently asked questions about the blue and gold macaws. Whenever someone sees these amazing birds fly in the sky, they wonder how long are its wings. 

Well, the blue and gold macaw’s wingspan is almost 102 to 112 cm that is more than their lengths. 

Typically the wings are brilliant blue, while the underparts are yellow or golden. These strong powerful wings help them soar through the rain forest with the tall deciduous trees. 

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How long is a macaws wingspan?

Blue and Gold Macaws or also known as blue and yellow macaws having an average wingspan of 102 to 112.5 cm or almost 4 feet. This makes the wings longer than their actual length which can be almost 3 feet in adult macaws. 

The wingspan might be slightly different for female macaws. They have a few cm smaller wingspan than their male counterparts. A female macaw typically has a 3 feet wingspan and a male macaw has a 3.5 or 4 feet wingspan

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How big do blue and gold macaws get?

The blue and gold macaws are large members of the macaw family, as they attain magnificent size as they grow up. Their length reaches 76 – 91.5 cm (30 – 36 inches). Blue and gold macaw size can be estimated by their long tails and slender bodies which help them in flying long distances. 

The average weight of blue and gold macaw is between 28 – 64 oz. (0.8 – 1.8 kg). This means they weigh up to 2 to 3 lbs. These measurements can be slightly less for the female blue and gold macaws. 

These striking birds have a  large wingspan as mentioned above of 41-45 inches. Their tails are extremely long that extend roughly up to 2 feet. The tails are comprised of 12 large beautiful feathers. 

One of the variants known as Bolivian Blue and Gold Macaw is even larger than the typical Blue and Gold macaw. These birds originating from Bolivia, have much richer and vibrant plumage. 

These macaws are pretty big, from their sizes to their attitudes. They require large cages. The size of the cage must be at least 5’×5’×8’ (measurements in feet) or even larger. Due to their large wingspan and long tails, the cage must allow room for full extension of the macaw’s wings. 

In case you’re considering keeping macaws at your home or in captivity, you must fulfil the basic requirements including the proper cage size. You should make sure that the cage provides opportunities for the blue and gold macaw to easily climb, fly, perch, play, and interact with humans. 

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At what age is a blue and gold macaw full grown?

To answer this question, we first need to understand “how to determine the age of a macaw?” We can look at the plumage of the young birds or the color of the iris of the macaws.

To determine the age of the blue and gold macaws, one can look at the eye colour of the birds. In young birds, the colour of the iris is brown to dark-coloured. With time, this colour fades to grey when the macaw reaches 1 year of age. It then changes to white at age 1 to 3. Finally, it reaches yellow colour when the macaw ages beyond 3 years. 

Blue and gold macaws reach their full-grown age, not before 1 or 1.5 years. Some of these birds can take as long as 2 years to reach full growth. 

The young Blue and Gold Macaws grow their full feathers not before they reach 10 or 12 weeks of age. It is not suitable to sell or capture the macaws before this age. 

After the blue and gold macaw develop their full plumage or fledge, they remain with their parents for more than 5-6 months before becoming independent. Blue and gold macaws reach sexual maturity at the age of 3 to 4 years or sometimes 6 years and they breed about every 1 to 2 years.

The Blue and Gold Macaws family is usually small. They are known to pair for life. They nest in cavities of tall, wide trees in the rainforest. 

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What is the life expectancy of a blue and gold macaw?

The average life expectancy of a Blue and Gold macaw is still confusing. Some of the researchers say these birds live up to 30-35 year’s while others insist their average lifespan is more than 40 years. Yet some bird experts believe that the blue and yellow macaw lifespan is between 50 to 80 years.

There is always an extraordinary case that surpasses the known facts. One of the Blue and Gold Macaws, named Charlie the Cursor, has lived for more than a hundred years. According to her owners, Charlie’s age was 112 years in 2011. 

We can say that on average, blue and gold macaws lifespan is up to 80 years in captivity. They are wonderful lifetime pets. Their lifespan is somewhat shorter in the wild. 

People who are considering keeping a blue and yellow macaw as a companion must be aware that the macaw may outlive the owner. 

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In this article, you’ll find all your answers related to “Blue and gold macaws wingspan,” size, and weight. These birds are one of the largest parrots so if you’re considering keeping them as pets, you’ll have to keep their size and wingspan in mind. You’ll also be able to determine the age of the macaw before buying one. Knowing facts and information about your pet macaw will help you in getting a proper cage for them and providing them proper care.

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