How to Clean a Parakeet?

How to Clean a Parakeet?

A dirty environment makes the budgie annoyed. It would scream unnecessarily and disturb you. If you don’t want any of such things to happen then the article “How to clean a Parakeet” is all that you were looking for!

If you are new in this pet’s world then read the article thoroughly so that you can learn everything you need to know about how to clean a parakeet. 

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How to Clean a Parakeet?

Parakeets are teeny tiny pets who require less space for living. Cleaning them and their surroundings is not really difficult. The mood of a budgie is directly proportional to his cleanliness. Giving a parakeet bath is the cutest scene one can witness.

You must give your parakeet bath several times a week, this makes them fresh. For a complete parakeet bath all you have to do is:

  1. Use a basin or a hollow tub as a bathing area.
  2. Fill it with lukewarm water, tap water can also be used but lukewarm water is better than tap water.
  3. Let your budgie stand on the edge and jump in the water himself.
  4. Let him play with the splashes of water and you will see the budgie cleaning itself.
  5. If needed you can gently use your fingers to clean the extra dirt.

If you don’t have enough time for a complete parakeet bath then you can also use lukewarm water in a bottle and spray it on the entire body of the budgie. 

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How to Clean a Parakeet Cage?

For cleaning the cage you need to remove all of the stuff present inside the cage. Let you bird roam around your house for a few minutes in the meanwhile you can clean his cage.

Now you have an empty cage, just wash it with tap water (no need of lukewarm water here) and after that let it dry for a few minutes. After it is all dry then spray a disinfectant in the whole cage. Let it dry now.

You can also keep the cage in sunlight after washing it. This would kill most of the bacteria present in the cage. Along with the cage, make sure you clean the toys and food/water dishes too. It is mandatory to clean the cage at least once a week for the health of your budgie.   

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How to Clean a Budgies Bum?

Birds do perform preening but when it comes to cleaning a budgie’s bum then the procedure is different. One may set up a parakeet bath in the cage so you will see the budgie cleaning itself. 

For cleaning a budgies bum all you can do is either set up a parakeet bath in the cage and let him hop into the tub. He will easily do all of the cleaning himself as it is self-sufficient in that or you can use a spray bottle and spray particularly the target area for cleaning it. 

Never ever use any product for cleaning. The products such as soaps and shampoos might produce an adverse effect on the budgie’s health. 

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What do Parakeets Eat?

Parakeets are the world famous pets who are extremely social and simple birds with no extra tantrums. A good balanced diet is the basic right of a pet. When it comes to budgies they are happy and comfortable with almost everything they eat.

Their top favorite food is mixed seeds but only mixed seeds are not sufficient for them. It is not necessary to give them only mixed seeds you can also give them sunflower (or any other type of seeds) seeds alone. They would still love it. 

Budgies also like eating fruits and vegetables. In particular, they would always opt for green leafy veggies. They love melon, apple, kiwi, peas, broccoli florets, corns, beans, etc. 

Minerals must be a part of the parakeet’s diet. You can also provide it with a calcium supplement. It is bar of calcium which can be easily hung within the cage of the budgie. 

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How to Dry a Budgie after a Bath?

When the budgie is wet, it might catch cold. It is important to dry him as soon as possible during the winters. You can use a hair dryer on the lowest possible heat and make sure you keep a hand in between the budgie and the dryer so that you can easily check the intensity of the heat. 

During summer season budgies enjoy bathing even more, for drying them out you can place the cage in the sunlight so that they can easily dry out. 

Don’t use a towel because the skin of a bird is very delicate and you might damage his skin. Air drying is the best option during summers and avoid using hair dryers in hot areas because it would burn the budgie’s skin for sure.  

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How to Tame a Budgie?

Budgies are super friendly but the taming process requires a lot of time and continuous efforts. For taming a budgie you need to make him comfortable with you and the environment he is living in.

First of all give your parakeet proper time, talk to him and make him familiar with your voice. Afterwards, start playing with him through your hands. Gradually start inserting your hands in the cage and hold him gently. 

After making him comfortable with your hands just insert your index finger in the cage and do this daily till the time budgie comes and sits on your finger.

Stay consistent, your efforts will never go in vain. It might take a lot of time, maybe several months, but it will happen for sure. Try to be patient and consistent with your efforts and wait for the time you’ll enjoy taming your budgie.

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What to Feed a Parakeet?

A parakeet’s diet must have all the nutrients and minerals for healthy development. A healthy diet can not only be given with just one type of food. You should feed him his desired seeds along with the fruits and veggies. 

They also eat pellets, legumes and nuts. All of this stuff plays an important role in their nutrition. Make sure you provide them all of the above mentioned food items on alternate days so that they can grow strong.   


Parakeets are self-sufficient when it comes to cleaning themselves. They are just like humans with a variety of natures. Some of the budgies would love to take baths daily whereas some would hate and just require a spray of water. 

You must give your birds chances of different types of bath and let them explore their own nature. When you see a budgie cleaning itself, it means he loves to do so. If your budgie does not like bathing then it is your responsibility to clean him so that he remains healthy and fresh. for further info, you may visit “How to Clean a Parakeet? “

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