What Do Parakeets Like to Play With?

What Do Parakeets Like to Play With?

Do you want your bird, to amuse and enjoy in his way? Are you willing to provide all the budgies playing toys to your bird? Well, all your wishes are natural regarding your bird, while doing so you should know the liking of your bird. To know all the things parakeets play with, just read this article, “What Do Parakeets Like to Play With?” So, let us begin.

Parakeets are lively birds. Singing, chirping, and playing with their fellows, are their natural habits. If you are living to keep a pet, then you should try your best, to provide him an environment very close to his natural one. I repeat, very close to the natural one, not the same.

To allow your parakeet, to enjoy, play, and remove his boredom, you should know, what do parakeets like to play with? So, you can invest, the best for your budgie. You should know how budgies play together, in the wild. Knowing this, you can do all the fun things with your parakeet, in his comfort zone. So, let us start our most informative article, regarding parakeets.

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What Do Parakeets Like to Play With?

Are you a pet’s owner, willing to know the liking of your parakeet, regarding amusement? Consider, the section, “What do parakeets like to play with”?

Before investing in play stuff, for your parakeet. You should try to know the things, your parakeet love to play with. For this, make paper toys by foraging, and give them to your parakeet to check his response. 

Give your parakeet a ball or a bottle cap to play with. Keep a keen eye on the activity of your bird, his reaction, or change in behavior whether happiness or aggressiveness.

Your parakeet may also like the play stuff, he had at his owner’s store. Do not give your bird something that is chemically harmful to your bird. Always go for safe options.

Bells are one of the budgies playing toys. Parakeets are noisy by nature, so they like the toys that make noise. The toys that bear an attached bell, are loved by parakeets. Such toys should be your priority.

Do not go for the Christmas-style bells, your parakeet may trap in the holes. Always go for the bells with open bottom.

Parakeets also like to play with balls. They love to roll, explore, and chew on balls. The balls you will choose for your bird should be made from safe material. 

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How Can I Play With My Parakeet?

How can I play with my parakeet is the most interesting question, asked by bird’s lovers. You should play with your bird several times a day, so you will have a strong bond with him.

If you love pets then playing with them, will be relaxing and stress relieving for you. Your birds will start loving you and will have a relation of trust with you.

Shaking his toys and ringing the bell are fun things to do with your parakeet. You can train your parakeet to come to you.

To play with your parakeet, you can teach him singing and talking. You need skill as well as great patience and repeated training sessions to train your bird.

You can teach your bird to come to you, whenever you call him. Teaching your parakeet to sit on your finger is also a fun-time exercise.

Parakeet loves swinging, move his swing now and then he will love this, or make him sit on it. Always develop a love signal for your bird, so that he will know that his owner wants to play with him. It is amusing to see how budgies play together.

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What Kind of Toys Do Parakeets Like to Play With?

The playing stuff should be according to the size of your bird. Your parakeet might get caught in any larger-sized toy, even leading to death. 

The toys, you choose for your parakeet, should not have any sharp or blunt edges that can harm your bird. The sharp edges may poke your bird, thereby causing injury. Before going to a toy store, you should get a guide about what do parakeets like to play with?

Planet pleasures pineapple foraging bird toy is the best toy parakeets like to play with. Its colorful and hanging style is perfect for your parakeet, to relieve boredom and stress.

The flying trapeze bird toy is another toy for parakeets to play with. Parakeets love to flock, swing, and hang from it. It is great fun to see how budgies play together.

Buying a rainbow bridge bird toy, for your parakeet is fun things to do with your parakeet. This rainbow-colored toy is best for chewing, swinging, and hanging your bird. It is necessary for your parakeet, to relieve stress.

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What Do Budgies Like to Play With?

It is best to consult the clerk or the owner of the bird’s store, before making any random choices. You can also ask someone you know, who is already keeping parakeets, to get practical advice.

Budgies like foraging toys to play with. They have smaller beaks, so choose only those made of cardboard or softwoods. 

Always go for wooden or cardboard toys, they are safe for budgies to chew on. Do not buy plastic toys, as they contain many toxins. Such toxins can harm your bird’s health severely.  

Chimes can be taken as budgies playing toys. Budgies like to hit the chimes repeatedly, to hear the sound that comes from them.

Budgies will have a great time with chimes. However, you may go crazy with the noise. So, choose only those with lesser sound, only good for a budgie.

Budgies like perches to play with. Watching them climbing perches is a fun thing to do with your parakeet.

They love to sit on the perches and explore the world. The length of the perch should depends on the number of budgies you have. 

Bird’s kabobs are also liked by budgies to play and chew on. You should choose only those kabobs that are made from safe material. 

Like children’s playgrounds, budgie’s playgrounds are also available. Budgies love to play in them, it is better to choose those playgrounds having perches, swings, and ropes in them.

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What Do Parakeets Like in Their Cage?

Parakeets are social birds. As they live in flocks in wild. If you have a single or lesser parakeet, then fix a mirror in his/their cage. 

Parakeets like mirrors installed in their cage. They will consider their greater strength in the cage. They might interact with them, considering them real. 

Clean the mirror thrice every week. Do not keep your bird alone for long, it will be a brutal act. He may stop drinking and eating and may die. Keep an eye on his activity in such circumstances, especially when he is standing in front of the mirror for long hours.

Swings and hammocks are the toys, your parakeet like in his cage. Parakeets perch on the swings or hang from them, amusing themselves even for hours. 

Ladders are also suitable, as parakeets like them in their cage. They love to climb and explore the world. In this way, they may also have good exercise.

While buying good budgies playing toys, invest properly and buy the toys made from organic wood. Habitually budgies chew on their toys. Buy some wooden sticks also and put them in their cage, so they can chew them.

Parakeets like spiral ropes hung in their cage. Parakeets like to twist and uncoil the rope, thereby relishing swinging. The rope should be made up of soft, harmless, and non-toxic material. 

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Do Parakeets Like to Be Held?

Naturally, parakeets do not like to be held. Habitually, they are independent and lively birds. They love to live in flocks, flying, singing, and chirping. 

Like all, parakeets also love independence. To hold parakeet in a cage will be annoying for him.  As it is something against his nature. 

However, parakeets that are held and raised in cages from generation, have become used to this behavior. They have not seen the wild and so have no wish to be in wild.

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Do Parakeets Need to Be Let Out of Their Cage?

Do parakeets need to be let out of their cage, is asked by owners, who want their parakeets to enjoy a life out of the cage for some time.

Parakeets need exercise and socializing to stay fit and healthy. Staying at the same place, they become bored and may get stressed. 

Parakeets may get obese or become ill by staying in the cage all day long. They may get diseases like tumors and fatty liver diseases. 

Train your parakeets to stay out of the cage in a close room. Allow your parakeet to fly freely in a room for an hour daily.

At the start of training, you can ask the Veterinary or bird’s store owner, to clip his wings. So, you can train easily, till the next growth.

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Do Parakeets Like Music?

Parakeets love music. Parakeets like music that is peaceful, serene, and quiet. Parakeets do not like loud music. If you want, your parakeet to listen to music, then you should surely go to classical music. The new age music will not be a bad choice for your parakeet.

Parakeets are noisy birds. They love to sing, chirp, and make sounds. They can even talk. They may sing in collaboration with a recorded one. They may sing some phrases, mimicking you, if you do so.

How to Tame a Budgie?

To tame your parakeet, you should know fun things to do with your parakeet. Before that, you should make your budgie used to his cage.

It is best to leave him for a whole day undisturbed. The next day, sit beside his cage so he will become used to your presence. Talk to him softly and offer him millet sprays. Observe his behavior for long hours.

When he gets used to your presence, then choose a time, where you will be uninterrupted for an hour. 

Take a clean towel. Open the cage of your budgie, by making a soft sound. Place the towel on him and gently pick him up. Hold him softly, as the bird’s bones are hollow and soft. 

Take him to some other place, like the bathtub. So, he will feel relax and enjoy. In this way, you can earn his trust. 

He may take about two weeks to get tamed. You can do the above with your hand instead of a towel. So, the budgie will get used to your hand.

Once your budgie becomes comfortable, then you can start his training like; come to you, perching your finger, chest, or shoulder, and many more.

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Do Budgies Like to Be Held?

The budgies that lived in the wild, do not like to be touched or cuddled. Being in relation with humans is an unnatural thing for them. 

Do budgies like to be held? As they do not like cuddling or touched, they also do not like to be held. However, those budgies that are raised in a cage, in a human-surrounding environment, may like to be held.

They may like to sit on your finger, chest, and shoulder. They love to get food from your hand. You can make them used to your love and affection by learning fun things to do with your parakeet.

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What Do Parakeets Like to Play With?” I have mentioned above the various budgies playing toys¸ you can buy for your bird. Hope you have also learned how to play with your parakeet. This will develop a lovely relation among both of you and a way to quench your thirst, to do courtesy to your pets. 

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