Parakeets Birds Male or Female

Parakeets Birds Male or Female

Confused about the gender of parakeets? Don’t know how to distinguish whether your parakeets are male or female? No need to worry about it because all your confusion will vanish right after reading the article “parakeets birds male or female”.

Parakeets are the small, charming and exotic birds from Australian grasslands. Their reproductive organs are totally hidden in feathers. It is nearly impossible to check their gender on a physical basis.

Nature has provided us with some other ways to determine their gender which includes their behavior and the parakeet cere. So let us start this journey of learning all those tips and tricks to determine the gender of a budgie which will make you an expert.

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Male vs Female Parakeet Behaviour

Male and female parakeets together share many common habits but they differ greatly in behavior from one another. The most common trick of distinguishing between a male and female is observing their behavior. Male parakeets are extremely social as they also love to interact with any random person or budgie. They have low pitch and like singing in their melodious voice.

The female parakeets on the other hand show an arrogant and bossy attitude towards any other unknown person or budgie. Females have very high vocals but still they don’t sing. They are very aggressive and comparatively unsocial. Females are rude and they keep on shouting if placed with any other female in the same cage.

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How to tell if a Parakeet is Male or Female?

Considering the external appearance every parakeet appears to be a small sized, multicolored and attractive bird. This means that you cannot determine gender from the physical appearance. There are some extraordinary tricks one needs to distinguish the gender.

 To determine the sex wait for your parakeet to turn 1 years old. Before this all the budgies appeared to be the same. The best way to determine the gender is to check the color of parakeet cere. They are easily distinctive.

A male parakeet cere is usually darker in shade. The color of cere in males can be pink, blue or a mix of blue and purple. Albinos and lutinos are light colored parakeets. They keep the cere light pink in color at maturity. 

A female parakeet cere is usually lighter in color. The changes in these colors are veru important when it comes to gender determination. The female parakeet cere color may vary from whit, light tan or it can be light blue as well.

When a female is all set to mate then the color changes to dark brown which is often flaky. If you observe the female budgie cere turning blue then it means it is suffering from an illness. Another reason for the female budgie cere turning blue is the imbalance of the hormonal system in females. The hormonal imbalance might take a few months to be cured. After the things are normal then the parakeet cere turns back to normal i-e brown colored. 

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Which is Better Male or Female Parakeet?

All budgies have their own unique traits and personality. When it comes to global competition then male vs female parakeet behavior shows that males are better than females at all levels.

Males are talkative and they don’t hesitate to interact with the master. Their vocals are not too high but they like singing the most. A male parakeet is the best source of entertainment for their masters. Males are the sweetest and more charming budgies as compared to the females.

Female budgies show bossy attitudes to their companions. They are rude and don’t even socialize with their partners. They also avoid much talking with their masters. They have extremely high pitch but they don’t sing. They have short vocabularies making them talk less as compared to males.

When it comes to preference, then most of the people recommend getting male parakeets due to their friendly behavior. 

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Are Male or Female Parakeets Easier to Train?

Parakeet’s behavior depends upon its gender. Considering the male vs female parakeet behavior we can say that males are comparatively easier to train than females. 

Males are more social than females. The fact that males talk more, they can mimic easily. This means that males can learn whatever is taught to them. Females chirp less and are not talkative which means they don’t socialize. It’s difficult to teach and train females.

 The behavior varies according to gender. Females are arrogant and aggressive towards their companions and masters. On the other side, males are very sweet and love talking to their companions.

The above elaboration clearly says that male parakeets are easier to train than female budgies.

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Should I Get a Female Budgie for My Male?

For the pets, the genders don’t really matter until it is your will to breed them. You can also keep a parakeet alone if you can manage it. If you don’t want to breed the budgies then the best option is to keep to male budgerigars together.

Male and female parakeets together make up a mating pair and produce offspring. In this way the population of budgies will also increase and there would be more sources of entertainment. Getting a pair means that both of them will be involved with one another and won’t spend their time with you.

If you have a good amount of time to spend with your budgie then honestly a male budgie is sufficient. If you have less time to spend with your pet then you should get a pair of male and female parakeets. The only advantage of a couple is that they produce offspring.

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Is it better to Have 2 Budgies or 1? 

The quantity of budgies totally depends upon the master’s availability of time. If budgies are left alone they might die of loneliness. Keeping a solo bird one has to focus on his activities and spend his time with the bird.

Having a busy schedule, it is difficult to spend time with pets. If that’s the case then you should get 2 budgies instead of 1. This is because a pair remains involved in one another. It does not need much attention from the master.

Considering the gender it would be better to keep a pair of male budgies because they are the most interactive with one another. Getting two females would never be a good option due to their arrogant behavior with one another.

The above paragraphs clearly advise you to get two budgies instead of one because loneliness can have adverse effects on a parakeet’s health. They may also start shouting and chirping continuously. In order to avoid these circumstances, you should grab a pair of budgies and enjoy their company while in your absence they will enjoy theirs.

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Budgies are friendly creatures; No problem Parakeets Birds Male or Female“. They can be your best friends sometimes. Every parakeet has a unique personality irrespective of its gender. Parakeet birds male or female, both are exuberant and energetic pets one could love to have.

Knowing your pet’s nature you can decide whether it would be a good option to get him a partner or not. Make sure you never ignore the budgies and love them unconditionally and selflessly just the way they love you. 

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