How to Take Care of Baby Parakeets

How to Take Care of Baby Parakeets?

Do you have a baby parakeet but no one to take care of it? Is the big responsibility on you? Don’t worry, bringing up these delicate baby parakeets is a heavy-duty job but all of this becomes joyful when you know “How to take care of baby parakeets”?

Getting a baby parakeet is not a big deal. For that, you need to know everything about how to take care of parakeets including the baby parakeet food list, lifestyle, and daily requirements of budgies.

Their development not only requires a good amount of homemade baby budgie food, attention, and care but a lot more that you need to know. Come on, start reading and scrolling. In the end, you will be surely aware of how to take care of a baby parakeet.

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How to Take Care of Baby Parakeets?

Baby parakeet hatching results into the birth of a blind and hairless bird. All of this development takes place after birth. This is the reason they are easily exposed to harsh environmental effects.

The first step of care involves preparing a nest in a wooden box or in a cardboard box that should be small and comfortable for the baby. It is better to use wood rather than a cardboard. Make sure you keep them in a warm environment which should be less exposed to light. 

Maintain the cleanliness of the nest. When the feathers start growing the nest gets too messy.  Once the nest is dirty scoop out the little babies and clean the nest. One has to take care at all the baby parakeet stages of development.

Make a baby budgie food list and prepare homemade baby budgie food to feed the little parakeet. You may use any syringe to feed the baby if the parents are not willing to do. Initially, the baby budgie food should be in liquid form so it can be easily swallowed. When the crop gets fully filled the bird won’t eat anymore.

Once the bird is 4 weeks old you can switch him on solid feed such as fruits and veggies. Provide them with fresh and clean water until they are 4 weeks old as they learn to wean and start eating by themselves.

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When Do Baby Budgies Leave The Nest?

Being naked, a budgie is totally dependent upon its parents for survival. They can’t even see around as they have underdeveloped eyes. Once they are able to see and have some feathers all over the body they become less vulnerable to the extreme conditions of the environment and are ready to leave the nest.

For leaving the nest a budgie must be independent when it comes to eating and drinking. It takes a time period of almost 3 to 4 weeks after baby parakeets hatching. During the initial phase, budgies learn to wean so that they don’t rely on their parents anymore.

Once they become mature and can eat and drink on their own, they leave the nest. If they won’t leave it on their own, they would be kicked out of the nest by their parents and this is quite an interesting fact! You would be told the mysterious reason in the next few headings.

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When Can Baby Budgies be separated from Parents?

Just after baby parakeets hatching, they live under the protection of their parents. Parakeets are considered to be good parents as they are professional and they know how to take care of their little babies.

It takes almost 8 weeks for a father parakeet to teach his baby how to eat. The time young budgie knows how to eat on its own is the time you can separate it from the parents.

This time duration can vary from one parakeet to another. It is better for the parakeet to leave the cage after the 8th week because further, the parents don’t tolerate their babies. By this time the parakeets become self-sufficient and become weaned.

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Why Do Budgies Abandon Their Babies?

There may be several reasons for a budgie to abandon its little baby. The main reason for a budgie throwing out her on baby is the environmental stress. If any baby budgie fell out of nest, the parent might not bring him back to the nest and in this case it will obviously die due to unavailability of food and care.

The parents after taking care of their babies don’t accept their existence and throw them out because they have to focus on the development of the new born baby. What they do is, kick out the elder one and teach the younger one about life.

Not every time the budgies abandon their babies but this happens in the majority of the cases and it is absolutely natural. Environmental stress and upcoming generation care chores make them insensitive towards their little ones and they throw them out of their space.  

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What to Feed Baby Budgies?

The baby budgie food list is quite simple initially, as it lives on freshwater, millet spray, and some mixed seeds for up to 4 weeks. After the 4th week, it can start eating fruits and vegetables. It loves to eat lettuce, broccoli, parsley, and most of the green leafy veggies.

Make sure you always avoid sweet dairy products, alcoholic beverages, caffeine products, and chocolates. All of them are hazardous for baby budgies. Here is a great homemade baby budgie food recipe from the omelet website. This recipe has a good amount of nutrition required by the little parakeet. It would energize the mood of the baby pet, following are the


  • 1 egg, with shell
  • 1 tbsp cooked brown rice
  • 1 tsp millet
  • 1 tbsp crushed budgie mixed seeds
  • 2 tbsp mixed chopped and grated fruit and veg (any fruit or veg easily available)

Boil the egg for about 10-15 minutes, remove the shell of the egg and grind the boiled egg. Chop the egg and serve after mixing all the above written ingredients with egg.

Feeding a baby budgie is a very responsible and difficult task if it is not done by the parents. Many people take the abandoned parakeets, feed them and bring them to life. This kind act make them super addicted to their baby budgie and they treat the parakeet as a part of their family.

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Feeding a baby budgie is all good if it is done by the parents. In the cases when parents don’t participate in taking care of the baby then the responsibility drops on the master.

Baby parakeets can easily eat simple fruits and vegetables but taking special care requires good treatment.

If you own a baby budgie and you are worried about how to make baby budgie food list and how to prepare homemade baby budgie food then this article has answers to all of your confusions.

Go through every paragraph thoroughly as it has too much stuff that you should know about how to take care of baby parakeet along with a complete food guide. I Hope this will help you out!

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