Lifespan Of A Sun Conure

Lifespan Of A Sun Conure

Are Sun Conures long-commitment birds? Do you want a life-long pet companion? Do you want to be a Sun Conure owner in the future? 

Luckily you have gone through a right-click to get all the answers. Read the article, “Lifespan Of A Sun Conure”. So, let us begin.

Sun Conures are vocal, lively, and expressive birds. They are famous for their eye-catching beauty and big mouth.

How Long Do Sun Conures Live As Pets?

The first matter of concern is your decision whether you want to adopt a Sun Conure or not. The reason for this difficult decision-making is their life span.

Sun Conure lifespan as a pet is 30 years, somewhere 15 to 25 years. People are not ready to keep it as a pet for so long and this results in homeless Sun Conures.

Sun Conure lifespan in wild on average is 15 years. They can not enjoy a good lifespan in the wild due to hunters, pollution, and unsuitable temperature.

How Long Do Conures Live In Captivity?

Sun Conure needs proper care, nutrition, and veterinary visits to live longer in captivity. The vibrant colored parrot demands a lot of attention and care from the owner for increased Conure lifespan.

The improper Sun Conure diet can reduce the Sun Conure lifespan. He can live approximately 15 to 25 years in captivity, but some owners have reported their pets to live for 30 years. 

The Sun Conure size is from 10 to 20 inches. They are small to medium, but it depends on the Conure species. 

What Is The Longest Living Conure?

“Green Cheeks Conures” are the longest living Conures. They can live a healthy life of 50 years but the key to such longer age is attention, best-balanced diet, and socialization.

If these Conures are fed on seeds only, it will be termed as “neglecting” Green Cheeks Conures. Because of this, Green Cheeks Conures life span will drastically reduce to 10 years. 

Male Conures can live longer than females. Hormonal changes can reduce a female’s lifespan. Egg-laying activity depletes calcium and balanced nutrients in females.

Female Conures can live up to 15 to 20 years, less than the males with a 20 to 25 years lifespan. Uncommon respiratory illness can cause a reduction in the Conure lifespan.

Sun Conure price is 400 to 600 dollars. Their looks, colored feathers, and length will decide their price. If you ever find a Sun Conure for sale,  then ask for his source before buying. 

Are Sun Conures High Maintenance?

Yes, Sun Conures are high maintenance birds because of their exclusive nature. Sun Conures are peculiar birds due to their demands from the bird’s lovers.

The Sun Conure needs the owner’s whole attention and care as a family member. If only grains are being fed to this bird, that will not be enough.

Sun Conure’s diet should be purchased from a well-reputed brand. You should make a proper diet plan for your bird. It will help you to meet-up the nutritional needs of your bird. 

You should not give him seeds of any fruits and vegetables. The food should be chopped, ground, or pureed.

What Is The Lifespan Of A Conure?

The Conure lifespan depends mainly on the owner’s characteristics. Conure is a high-maintenance bird. Many people do not know this fact and decide to keep him as a pet.

Sun Conure lifespan could be 15 to 20 years, sometimes 20 to 25 years too. The world record lifespan of Green Cheeks Conure is 50 years due to the owner’s good maintenance.

Healthy and active Conures have a high profile in which their owners should be loving, attending, and also a good caretaker.

Why Does My Sun Conure Scream So Much?

Sun Conures personality is notoriously screaming. They are naturally loud parrots. For them, the only way to get something or to show their emotions is by “screaming”.

If they are hungry, happy, bored, or want attention, they will scream. There could be many reasons for their screaming, but their owners should make them comfortable.

Sun Conures become annoyed when they are not given attention by their owners. Spend your time or play with your parrot to stop his loud noise.

Why Won’t My Sun Conure Stop Screaming?

Sun Conure cannot stop screaming due to certain reasons. A lot of energy present in them is also a cause of their loud screaming. Sun Conure exhausts their energy by screaming.

 If your Conure is ill or not feeling well, he will express by screaming. This is the way to show his physical or mental illness.

The stressful or uncomfortable situation of Sun Conure can also be a cause of screaming. The owner should get him in a comfortable condition.

Sun Conures like to stay clean. They do not want to be dirty or messy often. They scream to get themselves clean and healthy. Good care and attention can lead to a longer lifespan of a Sun Conure.

How Do You Discipline A Sun Conure?

You can discipline your Sun Conure with plenty of toys and lots of attention. You need plenty of time and patience for managing Sun Conure’s behavior.

When they bite you, you can discourage them by ignoring them. You can nudge their beaks away and then go away

Adopt ways to tune strong reinforcement with his behavior. If your Sun Conure screams a lot, ignore him and he will learn this attitude of yours.

Talk to your bird soothingly and politely. This will create a strong bonding and an environment that would be easy to make him learn good behavior.

How To Discipline A Green Cheek Conure? 

A Green Cheek Conure is more vulnerable to be nippy. During the nippy phase, he can also bite so be aware. 

However, if accidentally you get a bite, then do not yell at your bird. Birds usually bite nervous owners so remain calm and confident.

Punishing your bird for nipping can help to discipline him. Whenever he bites immediately leave him on the floor and move away as a punishment. He will soon realize his mistake but it does not work well for lonesome birds. 

Yelling at your bird or physical punishments may not work properly. Your bird may consider your yelling as one of the excited voices. 

How Can I Make My Sun Conure Quieter?

Sun Conures can be made quieter by tuning them to a simple whistle or with a phrase of your choice. The noises can be due to the new environment they came from.

You can bring your bird to different rooms when you travel from one to another. This will make your bird comfortable to be surrounded by the identified person. 

Allow your parrots to expend their energy by flapping wings in the cage or by flying in real life. Their screaming could be due to too much energy.

You can cover their cages with dark cloth because parrots often calm down in darkness. Do Sun Conures talk? Yes, they are the best talkers among their cousins and they love to vocalize.

How Do I Know If My Sun Conure Is Happy?

You can know that your Sun Conure is happy when his feathers are raised, bobs his head, or he might press against your cheeks for cuddling.

A relaxed Conure holds up one foot and acts like a person’s fist. If you scratch on his head or put a lot of feelings in your tone, he will start closing his eyes or start tilting his head. A happy Conure somehow means a longer lifespan of a Sun Conure.

Do Sun Conures Bite A Lot?

No, Sun Conures do not bite a lot. They are lovable birds and friendly towards their owners. However, they may become aggressive in response to a specific stimulus. 

Most often they bite in defending themselves from fears imposed on them. An excessive biting bird with decreased appetite and physical activity must be examined by a vet. 

Sun Conures can also bite indicating their disliking to something. During the Sun Conure breeding age, they can also bite expressing hormonal drive. However, dominance aggression can also induce them to bite. You should visit his vet if your Conure starts unnecessary biting. 

How Loud Can A Sun Conure Get?

Sun Conure personality is loud and noisy. The noise levels can reach more than 120 decibels. Sun Conures are louder than Macaws.

Conures noise levels can also reach 155 decibels. They can be heard at farthest places when they scream with full power.

Sun Conure’s loudness can be an indication of health. They can cover 500 miles in wild and uses their loud noises to communicate.

Sun Conure uses their noise for protecting themselves from predators, finding food, a safe nest, and socialize. They scream loud to get themselves into their flocks especially when they become tame from the wild.


Drawing towards the termination of the article, “Lifespan Of A Sun Conure”.  Despite Conure’s beauty and big mouth, they are also aggressive to some extent.

Before going to be an owner of Conure you should get all the basic information about his behavior. An untrained owner can spoil his bird and this may lead to homeless birds.

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