All About Parakeets As Pets

Are you confused about how to treat the parakeets as pets or “All about parakeets as pets”? If yes, then your search engine brought you to the best blog for the solution. All your confusion would vanish right after reading this.

A pet lover knows how much joy a pet brings to life. Parakeet as a pet is a stress-reducing bird that would always entertain you. It brings charm to the surroundings with its chirping. As a pet, it becomes a source of happiness to its master.

They are the cutest creatures you can have to spend your everyday life with. In this article, we will share all the qualities that you need to know for having parakeets as pets. So, make sure you go through every line and find everything you need to know about the Parakeets as pets.

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All about parakeet pet parakeet lifespan

All about parakeets as pets

Parakeet belongs to the parrot family. It appears to be the teeny tiny bird having a long green feathery tail. The bird naturally belongs to Australia. This bird is one of the most demanded pet birds all around the world.

Majority of the pet lovers get it. It is budget friendly. It is highly social and the best companion to talk with.

The life span of parakeet is:

  • Budgerigar: 5-10 years
  • Monk parakeet: 20-30 years
  • Plain parakeet: 15 years

The above mentioned are three species of parakeets. Their life might decrease in captivity. The death might be due to parrot fever or may be from loneliness. The longest recorded span is 29 years and 2 months according to Guinness Book of records.

This is comparatively average as other parrots might live for more years. Captivity might result into an average age of 6-12 years. In the wild areas it is usually 25-30 years. This has dropped drastically in the previous years.

The life span varies with the master, a good master takes care of the pet ultimately increasing it. If you take care of your pet with wholesome love then it might live long. Ignoring your pet it might reduce its average lifespan to 5 years. So, make sure you love your pet and give him proper attention so that he lives long.

Are budgies good pets for beginners as pets

These low chattering birds are universally favorite birds of pet lovers. These birds are easily adjusted with their owners. As soon as they get familiar to the environment they increase their vocal activity which is encouraging for their masters.

They don’t even require very high amount of nutrition for living. These are simple birds which live on birdseeds which can be purchased easily from any nearby bird shop.

Budgies are the best choice for a beginner. They are affectionate and can be hand tamed. They are also very safe to play with children.

Budgies are generally considered to be the “beginner birds”. These social animals are little chatterboxes as they never bore their master. Constant staring makes it look fierce but they are the sweetest.

For a beginner, getting a parakeet is the best possible option as this little bird does not require very high maintenance. Just a little attention with love and the budgie is all yours.

Parakeets as pets pros and cons

Every bird has pros and cons but the advantages of parakeets are greater as compared to the disadvantages. These little birds are all what you would love to have.


  • Parakeets as pets are the happiest birds. All you have to do is, say a few words daily and boom your pet would learn them in the shortest possible time. In addition to their bright feathers, they are intelligent. They can easily pick up your words.
  • If you are a person who loves talking to pets, then parakeet is the best choice as a pet you can opt for.
  • They feed on simple birdseeds which clearly explains they are low maintenance.
  •  Their small size is an advantage. They require small space to live. They can be carried from one place to another place in cage easily.
  • Parakeets crave for attention which attracts their owners even more towards them.


  • They are constant chirping birds, this feature sometimes irritates the masters. The continuous vocal activity often causes disturbance.
  • They have fragile health. They are so sensitive that they can easily catch any illness.
  • They have a low life span which is a demerit. People usually prefer birds with high life span.
  • It is also tough for budgies to tolerate temperature fluctuations.
  • Sometimes parakeets become so messy that it is hard to clean them up.

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Do parakeets like being petted?

No bird would like to be held captive but parakeets are different. They love to be petted. They love to get attention from their masters.

Parakeets love to get head kisses. They are social birds, being super talkative they prefer a companion to talk with. This is the reason why they are so comfortable with their masters.

On the other hand there are parakeets who don’t like to be petted because since birth they are touched and loved by their mother only so they consider any other touch fearful.

There may be different conditions but most of the times budgies love to be petted. You may express your love by touching, tickling, kissing and talking to your pet. All it wants from you is attention and affection. 

Are parakeets easy to take care of?

YES parakeet is the most low maintenance bird. This is the best part of having a pet that it does not require a very special treatment.

It lives on simple fruits and birdseeds. They don’t require a very large and spacious surrounding. They can be kept in a small, portable cage.

All they require daily is some good food, fresh water and your attention. They are super easy to deal with. You would never regret your decision of getting a parakeet as pet.

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Is it OK to have one parakeet?

It is totally fine if you want to keep one parakeet. For that, you need to invest more time and energy with your pet. Parakeets can die of loneliness. Keeping only one parakeet requires some tricks. These ticks are as follows:

  • Place a mirror in the cage. This would help your pet not to feel alone.
  • Put some toys in the cage. This makes the pet busy.
  • Talk to your pet daily.
  • Never ignore your bird.

If you can’t manage your time with your pet then it is better to get a pair rather than a single parakeet. Getting a pair would also result in the production of new generations of budgies. In the end, it is the game of your attention.


Parakeet as a pet is favorite worldwide. People prefer getting this tiny bird for convenience. Big birds are tough to cope with.

It is the best bird that fits into almost everybody’s home. It becomes familiar to the faces really fast. Besides their colorful, vibrant appearance the talking abilities of parakeets enhance their beauty.

It is everybody’s first priority to get a hand tamed bird that socializes easily. Both of these qualities are present in parakeet. So, what are you waiting for? Go get your parakeet and enjoy your leisure time with that teeny budgerigar.

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