“Should I get a parakeet?“

Should i Get A Parakeet?

The wide variety of pet birds make it difficult for people to choose any one of them but if you are looking for a medium-sized, green, talkative, highly attentive, intelligent, and happy bird then without any doubt the answer to the question “Should I get a parakeet?” is YES.

Indeed parrots are super friendly creatures with low maintenance that is why the majority of pet lovers keep different species of parrots. These mellifluous birds are the most beautiful creatures to spend time with.

Choosing a bird pet is really tough especially when it comes to a parakeet. The parakeet is one of the 115 species of parrots and is famous among the traders due to its special abilities.

In this blog we will explain to you the unexceptional features of a parakeet which would help you decide the answer to the question “Should I get a Parakeet?” or not.

 Also you will get to know some new facts about this geek bird so fasten your mind’s belts and let’s dive into this.  

Should I get a parakeet?

No problem if you are quite confused that will parakeet be your true friend or not? Given points will assure you that having a parakeet is not a headache but it can be a good source of entertainment also.

Parakeets are the birds having very strong vocals showing a friendly behavior with their master. These are the perfect pet birds if you love talkative pets. They have propensity to mimic the voices from the surrounding environment.

It is strenuous to manage a high maintenance bird, parakeets on the other side are low maintenance simple birds and this factor is the major reason of their popularity as a pet. . They are hungry for attention every time. They love talking to their masters.  

The best part of having this social animal is that it does not require a very large space for living so the people living in the small apartments and homes can also keep parakeet. Their small size favors the owner as they can be kept in any small cage.

They also produce a mess and you can make them clean easily as compared to other pets. you may have your green friend beside you while going outside; indeed it will give you the best company always.

How many parakeets should I get?

Big birds can be kept alone as they are more than enough for themselves but small birds can’t be kept alone as they might die of loneliness. If you keep a solo bird it would give you more attention. It would only show his love and affection to you but if you keep a pair of birds then their love and affection is divided.

 If you can give attention and quality time to your pet bird then only one parakeet is enough but if you have a busy schedule and you can’t give proper time to the bird then it is better to get a pair so that they both might engage with one another.

 Another great advantage of getting a pair of birds is breeding. Having opposite gender birds together may result in the production of new birds.

Although being a social animal, all budgies can’t be friends. Putting up three budgies in a cage requires the cage to be spacious enough so that every parakeet has enough space to stretch up their wings and not getting touched to one another.

 Less space might become a reason for quarrel among the birds. In this case, if two budgies are already familiar with one another they might gang up on the third one which can also result in an injury. The best option is to keep at least one or two budgies within the same cage.

How to take care of a parakeet?

Parakeets are super sensitive and lovely birds who love their masters. All they demand is attention and love. An hour a day for the love of your pet is important to be dedicated to him.  

 Some species of parrots are frugivore which means that they feed on fruits, these birds also feed on birdseeds which are available on almost every bird shop. A proper diet is the right of your pet. This might influence his mood as well, Good diet leads to a good mood.

A parakeet must be kept in a clean surrounding, the bird might get ill if the cage is grubby. Cleaning the cage on daily basis or at least once in two-three days is very important. A clean environment leads to a healthy bird.

Budgies love to play with toys as they are playful birds. Putting up some toys, swings, and mirrors in the cage is a great option. Doing this the bird would never feel alone even when he has no one to talk to. Make sure the toys are not too small as they might cause choking hazards.  

Parakeets must be provided with fresh and clean water daily basis. Make sure you rinse the container thoroughly and remove all the fallen feathers from it.

Can a parakeet die of loneliness?

A parakeet is a gregarious bird, it easily socializes with its companions be it humans or birds. It is important for the survival and health of a parakeet to provide him a company; that is why it is preferred to keep two budgies together. This helps them to lead a happy and healthy life together. Following are the signs if your parakeet feels alone:

  • Stretch bars
  • Doing destruction of materials within the cage
  • Loss of appetite
  • Reduction of vocal activity, no melodies.
  • Plucking of feathers

If you notice any of the above-mentioned symptoms just buy your pet a companion or give him some attention as these are the ways he is asking for attention.

Can parakeets talk?

Parakeets are the most famous pets when it comes to vocal activity. These are medium pitch birds who love to talk, sing and mimic the surrounding voices. Although their voice isn’t as clear as that of macaws they keep on tweeting songs when they are happy.

These birds are small chatterboxes with vague voices. One can also train a parakeet to sing or speak sentences but this requires continuous effort on daily basis.


Considering the above facts the answer to the perplexing question “Should I get a Parakeet?” is obviously YES. A parakeet never disappoints its owners. For a pet lover parakeets are the best, manageable and affectionate bird pets.

The smartness and intelligence of these birds is also the reason of their attraction. Despite being friendly and charming, if trained, they can even do different stunts in their comfortable space.

They can easily recognize their owners through sensing the voice which clearly explains that the relationship between this bird and its owner is beautiful. If you are a pet lover then the parakeet is the best bird you can have. Go get your parakeet now and enjoy talking to your little chatterbox.

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