What fruits and vegetable parakeets can eat?

What fruits and vegetable parakeets can eat?

Stuck in the everyday questions? What do i feed my parakeet? We can’t always serve it just pearl millet. It might not be able to fulfill parakeet’s nutritional value. Parakeets are the species famous for being low maintenance. Neither their diet is limited to specific food nor does their diet have any sort of availability issues.

The real concern should be what fruits and vegetable parakeets can eat? This blog will resolve all queries including what fruits and vegetable parakeets can eat or what ratio they require, their liking and unlinking diet, and even tips for picky eaters. So, start scrolling down and take your notes out.

What fruits and vegetables can parakeets eat?

To maintain your pet’s charm you must provide it with a regular diet. You can feed them common vegetables and fruits that humans can digest as their digestion is not that different. To make it easier i have prepared a separate list of fruits and vegetable which veterinarian recommend to parakeets owner:

Fruits Vegetables

●          Apples
●          Mangoes
●          Watermelon
●          Tomatoes
●          Banana
●          Kiwi
●          Avocado
●          Pineapple
●          Lemon
●          Strawberry
●          Tangerine
●          Cherries
●          Grapefruits

●          Green pepper
●          Cabbage
●          Corn
●          Peas
●          Cucumber
●          Parsley
●          Radish
●          Spinach
●          Lettuce
●          Sweet potatoes
●          Kale
●          Dandelion leaves
●          Broccoli

How to feed parakeets fruits and vegetables?

Parakeet’s diet is surely very common and easily available. The difference is caused by morphological structure interruption. The fruits, grains, vegetables even if they are eatable for parakeets, the owner must be cautious for the appropriate amount and size of the food.

The size of fruits and vegetables needs to be reduced before feeding them. To do so you have to use a variety of methods i.e. Chopped, mashed, whole, or grated. Sometimes parakeets are picky eaters, in that case, give them fresh food and don’t give in easily, because few parakeets take time to get curious about food and to try its taste.

Still, if parakeets are showing resistance, try adding dietary supplementation recommended by veterinarians. It’s given that tidiness has its own role, so take extra care for the cleanliness of the food bowl and always wash the fresh veggies and fruits to eliminate any sort of dirt and germs.

What do wild parakeets eat?

Thinking about feeding a wild parakeet? Initiate serving from nuts, seeds, and pellets as they might be resistant towards fruit or veggies. Or try to serve a small amount of fruit or vegetable as a test.

Parakeets eat anything in the wild. You know what! They are either granivores or ground feeders. Commonly granivores feed upon the grain in contrast ground feeders prefer grass or flowers. It was founded by research that Britain parakeets were omnivores that means they would feed on insects or worms too. Isn’t it how survival of the fittest works?

Can parakeets eat watermelon?

Watermelon is one of the adoring foods of parakeets. Watermelon constitutes 91% water, it will provide refreshment and hydration in the hot blazing summer. I don’t need to explain water hydration’s significance for living beings.

You know what the amusing part is, most of the parakeets usually eat seeds of watermelon first then go toward biting the fruit. Thus if you are concerned about nutrition than water, let me state that watermelon seeds are rich in omega fatty acids, vitamins, and protein which will help in feather reformation.

I will suggest you to soak these seeds in water one night prior to making them soft and easily chewable.so, don’t forget to share a small sliced piece of watermelon with your lovely pet while enjoying it with your family.

Can parakeets eat bananas?

Parakeets have a separate fanbase for bananas. They are surely safe and edible for parakeets provided given in appropriate amounts and proper manner. Bananas should be peeled off if they aren’t organic as their covering might contain toxic pesticides and should not be served more than one banana in a day.

Veterinarians recommend serving raw bananas, as compared to cooked bananas because cooked one can result in losing their nutrients. Bananas being rich in potassium strengthen the parakeet’s digestive system so you can use them as medicine for their upset stomach too.

Can parakeets eat strawberries?

Got strawberries in the house? Feed it to your pet by chopping it into small pieces and removing the big seed if any is present. Every fruit and berry as long it contains small seeds is edible for parakeets. When it comes to strawberry, its high nutrition constitution is the best alternative to bird seeds.

Its constituents include  vitamin c, folate, manganese, and zinc which can be a great source to improve your feathered friend’s immune system.

Can parakeets eat mango?

Summer and king of fruits, tell me a better combination. Yes, mango can be served to parakeets. Feeding mango is quite easy and it doesn’t have any hard and fast rules.

Either serve them by slicing into mini bite-sized cubes or squeezed mango juice for them, it’s up to you. However, prior to that, removal of a pit is necessary due to its huge size.

If you observe any vitamin deficiency in your parakeet i.e. Swelling around eyes, dry or scaly feet, or faded feathers, in a given scenario mango can be an excellent source to treat it. Just don’t underestimate it as it’s the reason behind the high mortality rate of parakeets.

Can parakeets eat cucumbers?

Till now, we have been discussing parakeet’s favorite fruits. When it comes to vegetables, cucumber tops the list which receives mouthwatering reactions from parakeets. Juicy, soft, and hydrating, these properties make it pretty easy for parakeets to bite, digest and absorb.

Rinse them and serve them either raw or rectangular slices. Apart from easily chewing characteristics, cucumber boosts their skin anti-inflammatory property and helps in repairing damaged hair follicles too.

Can parakeets eat bread?

Well-balanced diet criteria for parakeets stand between 45 percent veggies or fruit and 50 percent grain. Bread baked from multigrain or whole grain is recommended otherwise they don’t provide needed minerals and nutrition.

You can occasionally feed bread loaf to them just thoroughly check whether bread is stale or not, is there any mold on it or not and pull it out before feeding it. If bread isn’t fresh, serve them by soaking it in water or grind it to turn into the crumbs form.

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Parakeets have a lifespan of over 100 years, during all this time period various damaging and repairing processes occur. Do make sure your pet has all the balanced essential nutrients, what these processes consume.

A healthy ratio must have 50 percent grain, 45 percent veggies or fruit, and 5 percent dairy food.in short, you can feed dairy products monthly and fruits or veggies on weekly basis.

Place your pet feeding bowl next to the water bowl cause most parakeets like to soak their food in water to soften it.

Consult a veterinarian, and mix a little number of vitamin supplements in every meal prescribed by them in case of any deficiency. Keep your parakeet healthy and cherish their rewarding company.

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